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We operate on the driving principle that middle market and small businesses deserve access to experienced professionals at reasonable rates. We are seasoned CPAs with a passion for creating value for our clients and helping them achieve their goals. Our services are tailored to our client’s specific needs.




Consulting & Accounting Services


We understand the importance of transparent reporting to your company’s stakeholders. Curran & Company, LLC will work closely with you to ensure your management and stakeholders have access to an accurate and detailed overview of your company.

Our certified public accountants have the capability to personalize our services to assist your organization in all stages of the business cycle. The ability to tailor client services provides uncompromised value that will assist management in navigating their organization on the path to success.

System and Organization Controls (SOC) Services

Is your organization demonstrating its commitment to maintain effective internal controls and safeguards to protect not only yourself but your customers? Outsourced services users and their auditors are increasingly requesting more information than ever before about the effectiveness of controls at the service organizations they use, or are considering using, for outsourced business functions.

Using the AICPA’s various SOC for Service Organizations offerings, our firm issues assurance reports that provide your users the valuable information they need to assess and address the risks associated with the outsourced services you provide, helping build trust and transparency.

Audit & Assurance


Our certified public accountants understand the ever changing landscape of the business environment. Our audit approach is designed to ensure clients remain compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and to create value throughout the process.

Our audit procedures are built to provide minimal intrusions to your company’s day to day operations. Your staff will work directly with our experienced certified public accounts who have the business and auditing acumen that will prevent unwelcome disruptions to your organization’s flow.

Tax Services


Complex tax laws raise many uncertainties in the minds of individuals and corporate organizations. Our certified public accountants assist in subduing these uncertainties by providing comprehensive planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities, all while maintaining compliance so individuals and management can rest assured.


Members of the Firm 


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